Three things that we believe in

Our core values are foundation that drives us

  • Simplicity

    Our goal is to keep everything simple.

  • Quality

    We work only with local farmers who guarantee and deliver consistent quality standards on each coffee delivery.

  • Expertise

    Team of our experts is here to help you develop your coffee business.

Our beliefs, causes and purpose

We believe that if the world around us is to become better, it will only be possible by B2B cooperation in the field of customer service and care of your clients.

We know how much effort it takes to build a strong business. That's why everything we do in Own Brand Roastery is to support YOU.

We show a new way of doing business. We accompany coffee shop owners on their way, inspire them to make bold changes, support them with knowledge and proven tools.

If you want a coffee business that you will be proud of, and above all, if you are ready to take a step further ...

Coffee is our passion

The love of coffee is deeply rooted in our hearts. We strongly believe that passion leads to professionalism. It is never a coincidence, but the result of many years of experience, acquired knowledge and effort that we put into our daily work.

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