Magda Gonczaruk

Founder CEO


Entrepreneur and business strategist, founder and CEO of Own Brand Roastery. In 2014 she participated in the opening and development of the Kafejeto café, and then the Kafejeto Roastery.

She faced many obstacles on the path to success of these and many other companies. She has experienced how difficult it is to ensure quality, find reliable suppliers, obtain support in running a business, and gain customer loyalty.

By solving these problems, she learned how important is B2B support as well as honest and reliable B2B relations.

She has created a very strong brand and is still actively contributing to it, being part of Kafejeto Roastery team. Kafejeto Roastery as a business was recognized in 2018 by the Jagiellonian University with a very prestigious title of the Enterprise of the Future and recognized as the Promoter of Science and Culture.

While managing Own Brand Roastery, she still cooperates with a team of several dozen people who already have extensive experience in brand creation. Now she supports other entrepreneurs on their path to success.

Privately, she is a happy mother and wife.

Professional achievements
  • BSc in Biotechnology Science
  • SCA Sensory Skills Professional
  • Marketing and social media expert
  • Barista trainer
  • Adam Choiński
    Adam Choiński
    • Roast Master
    • SCA Brewing Professional
    • SCA Barista Skills Professional
  • Damian Klinicki
    Damian Klinicki
    • Roast Master
    • SCA Green Coffee Intermediate
    • SCA Brewing Professional
  • Artur Guziak
    Artur Guziak
    • Head barista, barista trainer, master brewer
    • SCA Sensory Skills Intermediate
  • Paweł Dudko
    Paweł Dudko
    • Head of graphic design department
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