Hi! We are not just a coffee roastery. We are your OWN brand roastery. We are here to help you create a strong, independent coffee business. We want YOU to grow with us.

Would you like to...

...strengthen the trust of your customers in your brand? coffee community among your customers?
...have supportive coffee supplier?

If YES is your answer...


What are the benefits?
  • Increasing coffee awareness among your customers
  • More loyal customers
  • Increase in sales
  • High-quality coffee beans selected especially for your needs
  • Strong image of YOUR own brand
  • Well-trained team
  • Support, knowledge and experience that help you run your coffee business
  • Cooperation based on a simple agreement
Recall your dreams!

We provide high quality roasted coffee beans with personalized branding.

Our motto is simplicity, quality and expertise.

You can be sure, we will deliver dedicated product for your café that will distinguish your spot.

...and it’s so easy to get it going!

It’s not all about the beans

Choosing the right coffee beans for a coffee shop is one of the most important things.

Did you get enough support from your baristas and coffee roastery when you faced this decision? Or maybe you are facing such a choice right now?

We know the everyday life of a café owner. We established a coffee roastery and many coffee shops. It was a journey that taught us a lot about coffee, people and business. Our team grew and people got connected to create a company of experts in coffee, marketing and brand building.

Now we share our experience with you.

You can run your business in a completely new way!

Take care of your clients by creating a coffee community among them. Give them indisputable quality. Build a strong image of your brand.

We’ll show you how to achieve it by sharing specific solutions, support and expertise.

You deserve a company you'll be proud of!

We help coffee businesses to develop. Receive substantive support and cooperation in the field of providing service and care for your clients.

Join the Own Brand Roastery’s community

Your brand is a part of our company.
We’re here to take care of you!

We would love to connect!
Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you would like to know.