#2 Brazil Cerrado

Weight N/A

1 kg, 250 g



Farm information

Origin Brazil
Region Cerrado, Patrocinio
Variety Arabica
Botanical variety Mundo Novo, Catuai Amarelo
Continent South America
Altitude 1000-1260 m.a.s.l
Classification NY2/3, 17/18, SS, FC
Processing Natural
SCA grade 82 / 100


We work only with local farmers who guarantee and deliver consistent quality standards on each delivery.

About 15 kilometers east of Patrocinio, Minas Gerais, you will find a collection of farms and plantations that are unique in their own way. The soil here is different: full of nutrients and abundant in unusual minerals, the agricultural conditions here are unlike any other place in Brazil because all of these crops are located in a crater of a dormant volcano, which is called by the natives Chapadão de Ferro. A mountain with a diameter of 16 km and an altitude of 1260 m above sea level.

Coffee with mild character, notes of walnuts and caramel sweetness. It is characterised by pleasant, long-lasting dark chocolate aftertaste. Brazilian beans are known for their body and low acidity, which is the result of so called natural processing after harvest. Finished brew is well suited for standalone espresso or a base for milk drinks.